Cellulose Pad Vapur+

HUMIDIN make cellulose pads are of imported origin.

Good maintenance practices preserve the pad and keep the water delivery system in proper working condition.

Working Principle
The cellulose pad cooling system draws outside air through wet vertical pads. The major components of this system are: pad media, water supply, pump, distribution pipe, etc. Some of the moisture evaporates into the air stream, as air flows past the moist pad surfaces. Heat is withdrawn from the air during this process and the air leaves the pad at a lower temperature with higher moisture content.

Discernible Features:
Imported origin
Made of cellulose (pulp) sheet
Bonded together in 7mm flute size in 45� * 45� Angle
Is cross corrugated with anti rot, rigidifying and wetting resins

HUMIDIN make Evaporative Cooler system is efficiently backed up by the cellulose pads that in turn amplifies the efficiency of the system on a whole and thus provides cooler air in the required area.