Bifurcated Fan

Bifurcated Axial Fans are used to keep the motor out of air stream because of the high air/gas/fumes temperatures. Bifurcated Fans are direct driven axial fans where the motor is encased in a central pod to isolate from the flow of air. Bifurcated Fans are ideal for exhausting or re circulating fumes, gases and hot air upto 80�C to 200�C continious operation.

The Bifurcated Fan have following advantages:
High Temperature Ratings
Isolation of motor from heat or contaminants in the air stream.
Easy to maintain

Discernible Features:
Fan Size: 315 to 1200 mm
Flow rates up to 100000 cmh
Pressures up to 600 Pa

This fan is mostly placed to exhaust or supply the air of corrosive or hazardous nature. The motor is not in the airflow stream, it thus prevents the hazardous particles available in air.